Data Bites | September 2018

The September issue of CRRC’s Data Bites newsletter is out.
Read about the most popular blog posts of CRRC from past month, media coverage and launch of new surveys.

The September issue features popular blog posts, which highlight that trust in the church has been on the decline in Georgia; and which tell about public attitudes towards legalization of marijuana consumption before the decision of the Constitutional Court in Georgia.

More survey data will soon become public. CRRC-Georgia is preparing for, starting, or finishing fieldwork on a Youth Vulnerability Mapping Survey for World Vision Georgia, a survey on Hate Speech for the Council of Europe, a survey on the court system and judiciary more broadly in partnership with the Human Rights and Education Monitoring Center and the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, and a survey of the Pankisi Gorge, Adjaran eco-migrant communities, and other similar communities in Georgia among a number of other surveys.