Baku’s Urban Change | Commentary and Photography

Interested in urban development? Want to know how outsiders describe the urban experience of Baku? Two young researchers from Germany have set up a blog to follow their project in tracking changes in Baku. Oriana Kraemer and Sebastian Burger take photographs, attend lectures, and comment on what they observe. Given the inflow of sudden wealth, Baku witnesses comprehensive change. A great project, therefore.

In photos and blog entries they chart the rhythm of the city, how old buildings yield to new ambition, the beautification of façades, and their own encounters. They bring a particularly good eye, and the slideshows add context with the subtitles (see below).

Among other things, the researchers also summarize a recent lecture by Anar Valiyev at CRRC Baku, who compared differences between urban development in Azerbaijan and America. It’s a short post, but it’s a good entry towards exploring their blog, and the fascinating issue of urban development in Baku.