Work in Progress | Workshop Opportunity with CRRC Georgia

After a couple of informal workshop events, our Georgian office has decided to create a series of workshops called Work in Progress, or WiP in short. The idea is that people can present ongoing research and get feedback, primarily with the aim of generating suggestions that help them improve their work.

The typical format is a relatively short presentation, followed by a hands-on discussion. We do this together with ARISC and American Councils. The events are coordinated by William Sadd, who is representing ARISC in Georgia.

Today we started with a talk by Tim Blauvelt about research on Language Status in Georgia. (We will tell you more once the project is completed, it’s a very exciting replication of experiments that have never been conducted in the South Caucasus.)

So if you have research that you would like to present, a questionnaire that you want feedback on, a paper that is about to go to a conference, let us know. We’d like to get people together to give you good feedback.

The events will typically be held on Wednesdays, at 5.30, and we will advertise them through Facebook.

Find us there, become our fan, and join us for the events.